We are all equal, we are all brothers

No one is perfect in this world. But then, why? Why, all the stereotypes? Why have we decided that who we are is based on labels? These days, most people judge others because of how they look, for there skin color, and other important for nothing things, and all because of labels? Ask yourself, what have we become? Have we, indeed, fallen so low? Have we become so cold, as to not care about anything, save our own skin? Are we, then, nothing more than judges in a court, pronouncing sentence on those whom we hate or dislike or are afraid of? Labels do not make someone; they only make you feel less than what you truly are; human.

Today, all our surroundings; our society; even us; we all have labels, that supposedly, make us fit in; that make us part of society, but no! Most people here, in this world, judge others because of their labels, such as you are blind, black, white, thin, fat etc, and why? These labels force us to become something we are not. Look at blind people, just of that, label, its very normal for sighted folk to underestimate us and what we can, when those are lies, brought on by the label we carry. Don’t get me wrong, there are some sighted folk who see blind people as equals, who encourage us that we are no different than they, and its true, just because our eyes are closed, doesn’t mean that we are less; some of us only think that because of the label we carry, and how people treat them, or behave around them. If theres something I hate? To have people look at me differently, to have them look at me with different eyes than they do others, or even worse, with pity for my blindness. I, do, not, like, it. Tell me, what, do we blind people have differently than you sighted people? nothing! Yes, our eyes are closed, but we still have feelings, we are still people; we, are, human, same as everyone else; and its just how you see us, what makes the difference. I know some sighted people who don’t care one bit that I am blind, they see me as an equal, and treat me as such, with no exceptions; and that is how it should be.

Why do we treat people differently because of their labels, when these are just things that we are borne with, things that this cursed society has forced on us, without even giving us a choice? Well, I say this, I refuse to be looked differently because of my blindness, I refuse to wear this, label; this good for nothing description of what I should be in society, when it, is, all, a lie; when thats not who i am! So let those who want to judge me, let those people who want to view me as a stereotype, let them judge my label, for thats the only thing they are judging, the false image that this society has forced on me, and not me as a person, which is at what they should be looking at, because that is what matters, the person on the inside, not the label they carry outside, but most people do not see it.

Labels do not make someone; they only make you feel less than what you truly are; human. If we must focus on something, let us focus on the person behind the label. Let people see through your label, and into the person that is behind it. Do not let labels make you, for labels are nothing but false images of a person, forced on them by this cursed society. So let your eyes open, and let yourself see the truth; we are all equal; we are all brothers; we, are, all, human.

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