The heart of sorrow

Bruce Lee once said, “Time, Family, God. Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.” We have made lots of mistakes during our lives, and things that we regrette. Mistakes are always forgiven, but it is not only just saying, “I’m sorry.” No. It is much more. 
 God gave us life for a reason. And along the way of this life, we make countless mistakes, that can be forgiven. But forgiveness is not only just saying that you are sorry. Since God made this world, we have always sinned, in one way or another. This grave mistakes against God of course can be forgiven, but as I mentioned earlier, forgiveness is much more than just saying sorry. Forgiveness is when you really feel sorry, when the guilt of what you have done crushes you, when you beg for mercy; when your soul cryes out loud to be forgiven. Their are people who think that God has left them, that he is no longer looking for them; however, we are the ones who have distanced ourselves from him. When people have sinned, they feel lonely; they feel as if God where not searching for them any more. And that is because, to forgive someone, is to look at them again. When you ask God for forgiveness, in trooth, you are asking, “look at me again”. When people ignore someone, it’s as if you where saying to that person, “you don’t exist”. However, when they ask you for forgiveness, and you forgive the one who’s being ignored, it’s as if you where looking at them again. It is the same with God, when we ask for his forgiveness. When God forgives someone, that person feels as if his faith had been restored, he feels a reason to live again, he feels peace. I am saying this, because I had that experience several years back. When I lost my faith, I felt no reason to live, that life was pointless, that I was lost, with no one to guide my way. When I finally gave up hope, and I asked for forgiveness from the Lord, I felt an immeasurable sense of peace. I knew then, that somewhere, up in Heaven, there was a God who loved me, who cared for me and everybody else in this universe. Because God loves us all. God is our savior; our salvation. 
 Bruce Lee once said, “Time, Family, God. Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.” We must always keep in our hearts that God loves us, that he wont give up on us, but we must not give up on him as well. There are people who feel lonely, and that there’s no reason for them to live, but that is because they have lost their faith. Deep within each one of us, there is a part of us that knows that God loves us, that if we need to be forgiven, that he will forgive us, and look at us again. Deep within us, there is a heart of sorrow.

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