A matter of pride

The deaths caused by unnecessary wars and violence weigh heavily on our conscience , though this remains unspoken among us. It is said that pride is a sin, but the truth is far from that. In our world everything is a matter of pride. The countless corpses buried in graves cry out for justice for the atrocities committed against them. And why all those deaths? The answer is simple enough, though lots of people don’t see it; it is all because of pride. For, when one’s pride is at stake, what won’t you do to prevent injury to your pride? As long as this matter of pride exists and keeps causing senseless wars and violence, and the there will never be true peace. Pride is a murderer, an irrational force that can’t be controlled. For, as pride can create, it can just as easily destroy. Pride can make you do great things, and also terrible ones. All the companies competing against each other to make better and better stuff for people, occurs because of pride. 

What about all those people murdered every day, and in wars? Our damn pride is causing this. Pride is a destroyer of men. Pride causes us to go to war against each other for no reason other than something as stupid as jealousy, or hatred. What is your first reaction when someone hits you? In most cases, you strike back, and why? Your pride won’t go down without a fight, so to speak. You just cant reason or talk it out, because of pride. Or, when you’re with friends and, someone insults you, you insult them back, because you don’t want to be looked as weak in front of your friends, instead of just shrugging off the insults. 
 Have you ever wondered what exactly caused World War II? The real reason is pride. After Germany was defeated in World War I, they wanted to prove that they could still fight and get revenge for being defeated in World War I. Our pride killed sixty million people just during that one war, and how many people get killed because of our pride each day? 
 As long as this matter of pride exists and keeps causing senseless wars and violence, there will never be true peace. 

 Many people in this world want this senseless violence to end, for there to be no more wars. How can this be achieved until we let go of our pride? Well, it cannot be achieved as long as we have this vengeful pride in our hearts. Many people say that they want peace, but do they really? We must let go of our pride. We must stop all the violence. We must end this matter of pride.

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